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Here at Basildon Laptop Repairs we are intensely focused on customer care . Reviews are just so important these days. We can help with software problems hardware problems and specialise in difficult motherboard repairs.

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Laptop not Turning on? We can help…

When a laptop does not turn on the usual problem is the motherboard. When you push the power button the motherboard chipset wakes up and voltages start moving around the motherboard. Here is a motherboard on the right. voltages of 20volts is usually coming from your charger. Then inside the laptop different parts run at different voltages.

The hard disk usually runs at 5 volts or less. The fan is 5 volts. The processor these days can run at very low voltages but if there is a screw on the motherboard shorting out two points your laptop will freeze and not turn on. maybe someone has plugged the incorrect charger and shorted out something on the motherboard.

whatever the reason we are here to help and can fix it for you.

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