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Experienced Engineers

Our skilled engineers have been fixing laptops for over 20 years. We can help with every single problem on a laptop. Our Basildon service is great and customer satisfaction is most important to us. We van help with very difficult motherboard repairs like reflow of GPU and changing tiny 40 legged power manager chips and our screen replacement service usually only takes 3 days.

Basildon Fast Laptop Repair

Here at Basildon Laptop repairs we like all of our repairs to be carried out within 24h. That is very fast service indeed for a laptop repair!
We understand you have deadlines to meet and losing your laptop for a week can really put you out. So the 24h service is great, so you can be up and running quickly again. We have repaired over 12000 laptops in our time so we have seen every different type of problem. Nothing is new to us. Almost all our repairs are under £75

So why not give us a call now call our engineer direct on 07566238934

Convenient Services

We offer free callout service for laptop repairs. Usually we will help you diagnose the problem over the phone. Then if you would like your laptop repaired we offer free pick up and delivery on your repair. we are always here for free advice, so why not give us a call now to speak to a real engineer.

“James went above and beyond to fix my laptop - searching far and wide for a replacement keyboard he did not give up and fixed it promptly Works like a dream now. Thanks James.”



Basildon Laptop Repair Specialists

James our engineer is very well qualified to fix your laptop. He started repairing pcs back in 1996 and had a couple of shops in London.  Now he fixes all laptops from his home.

 He has repaired over 12000 laptops and can help you with free advice over the phone. James likes nothing more than fixing laptops or going to walk the dog with his adorable wife Elle in Westley heights Langdon hills. 

the image to the right is of James at his home on Whitmore way Basildon.


Please call for free advice on 07566238934